Job: Lifestyle Director

Title Lifestyle Director
Categories Location: Arizona, Role: Lifestyle and Communications
Location Marana, AZ
Job Information

CCMC currently has a full time Lifestyle DIrector position available at Saguaro Bloom in Marana, AZ!

The Lifestyle Director is the employee of CCMC and is responsible to the Community Association for creating an environment of engagement and connectivity by planning and marketing a comprehensive recreation and social agenda for homeowners. The Lifestyle Director will oversee the use of all community amenities and communication tools, and execute any policies and procedures concerning them; facilitate community partnerships, and coordinate all community programming offered for the homeowners.

The Lifestyle Director will coordinate all community programming for the community, including coordination of marketing events; create, market and execute an annual calendar of activities, health & fitness classes, arts & crafts, clubs, travel excursions, cultural experiences, education programs and special events to target the demographics of the community; develop regular nature-centric classes and activities; oversee all scheduling of rooms and other recreation facilities; coordinate changes needed to landscape schedule for special events, i.e. change mowing schedule for a field event, treat areas for event use, etc.; develop and coordinate onsite sports and recreation activities for adults and children; recruit and manage instructors (paid and volunteer); oversee the setting up of tables, chairs and decorations, etc. for all activities; be onsite for set-up, breakdown and clean-up for events; maintain a broad information pool of local entertainment venues, sightseeing locations, restaurants, sporting and cultural sights, acting as a community resource for residents; negotiate and sign contracts with entertainment, instructors, speakers, vendors and caterers; interact with local craft, hobby and club groups to develop classes, seminars, activities and special events; develop promotional strategies for in-house and off-site events, to include writing articles, delegating job responsibilities, producing flyers, maintaining bulletin boards, and sign-up sheets; assist developer with marketing events.


In addition, the Lifestyle Director will produce and distribute all promotional flyers, announcements, emails, calendars, signage, banners, etc.; facilitate daily interaction with residents to keep the community informed between newsletters and to provide a forum for information exchange between residents, between management and residents, and between the Board of Directors and residents; create and maintain a database of vendors, volunteers, community leaders, business owners, etc.; assist with resident orientations and development of homeowner education series on an ongoing basis.

The position of Lifestyle Director is not an 8 – 5, Monday – Friday desk job. Events, activities, club meetings and other programs often take place on weekends, evenings and holidays.  The director must be available to plan, coordinate and attend all of these functions, as well as purchase supplies, make bank deposits, preview entertainment and evaluate locations.  The director will also attend periodic meetings and conference with other lifestyle professionals and other industry leaders as deemed necessary.  The success of the director cannot be quantified in on-site desk hours, but rather in the level of community engagement and the quality of the overall program, which includes the satisfaction of the homeowners, participants, and board members.

The Lifestyle Director should be physically able to assist in event set-up and break down and the ability to stand for extended periods of time. Must be able to work longer than an eight-hour day or forty-hour week. The Lifestyle Director must have strong written and verbal communication and managerial skills. Must have an enthusiasm for learning and exploring. Must be able to manage an annual budget and be computer literate.

If you are interested, please email your resume to JoAnn Abramo at