At CCMC, we believe community association management is a people business, not a paper one. There’s more to community management than reports, compliance letters and legal notices. We focus on building community through resident service, vibrant lifestyle and quality communications. Everything we do is about bringing people and neighborhoods together, serving people first, challenging leaders to be their best and infusing life with fun. 

Community Association Management

A community is more than a collection of homes, streets and amenities. A community is the people residing there and their connections to one another. As partners with land developers, homebuilders and homeowner Boards of Directors, we cultivate communities that feel like home. We do so from within the community, employing a team of dedicated professionals equipped with extensive experience and time-tested policies and procedures. 

From townhome communities to multi-million-dollar custom home developments, we serve some of the nation’s most prestigious master-planned communities. We provide a variety of services tailored to the needs of each individual community, from financial services to facility management, lifestyle to communications, maintenance to community standards. Our model isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; we work with our clients to identify their community’s specific goals, challenges and dreams, and place teams to address these matters and ensure the community thrives. 

Everything we do is designed to benefit residents and fulfill the mandates of the community’s governing documents. We encourage open and honest dialogue with homeowners and feel the pulse of the community when making recommendations and decisions with community leadership. We want to bring the vision of the developer and residents to life and then keep that vision alive through changing times. When we’re supported by the community and empowered to do what we do best, magic happens. 

Pre-Development Consulting

Building community begins before dirt is ever turned. The process begins with a developer’s vision; then, we help make it reality. Our team offers pre-development consulting to developer clients across the country, including budget forecasting, community governance review, amenity planning and lifestyle and communications development. With more than 45 years experience, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t and have been part of incredibly innovative and modern community development. 

Our team views new projects with a valuable operational perspective; we’re able to predict what life will look like for residents once homes are built. Once construction begins and the community is ready for management, we’re able to seamlessly transition these new communities into management services. 

Other Association Management

CCMC also provides management services to municipal districts, utility districts, commercial associations and community foundations and other entities operating as components of the master-planned communities we serve.