Team Member Testimonials

“When you join a new company, become part of a new team, you hope that the initial spark you felt through the interview process continues to grow into a flame that keeps burning. Everyone I work with – my team, colleagues, the leadership team – is as down to earth and down to business as the first day we spoke.”

– Cydney Janes | Community Manager | Joined CCMC: 2018

 “CCMC is not only a company with a great vision and personal-approached mission statement; it’s a company whose purpose statement is not just a quote mounted on a wall. CCMC is an embedded cultural standard for team members and the communities we serve.”

 – Donald Smith | Lifestyle Director | Joined CCMC: 2017

“What made me come back to CCMC? The people. The staff CCMC chooses to employ. The leadership team that leads CCMC. The way CCMC strives to be the best and not the biggest. The company growth plan clearly shows how CCMC desires to grow its employees from within and strives for integrity and character.

 – Chris Bushman | Community Manager | Rejoined CCMC: 2014

“CCMC cares for, shows and expresses appreciation for their employees, which runs from your immediate supervisor all the way to the CEO. CCMC’s values and mission are what I have always believed a management company should aim for. I know that I have found a company where I can grow as a professional and individual.”

 – Athena Henrickson | Vice President, Central Division | Joined CCMC: 2017


“Having always been involved in an occupation where the primary goal was to provide quality to customers, working at CCMC allows me to interact with a diverse demographic and still be able to have that personal interaction that is so important.”

 – Patrick Dume | Customer Solutions Manager | Joined CCMC: 2007