Building Community One Charitable Effort at a Time

CCMC Turns Gratitude Into Giving

2014 Food DriveNovember marks the time of year when we start getting ready for the fun and feasting of the holidays, as we join with family and friends to give thanks for the blessings of the year. But what about the one-in- five Arizonans who live in poverty? Over the past year, St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance served more than 477,000 people in need. So, this month CCMC team members collected donations to help restock its pantry. Over a two-week period, 550 items were collected, including canned goods, baking mixes, hot drinks, paper goods, toothpaste and shampoo. No doubt, this is the season to transform gratitude into giving – and share the love with CCMC style.

CCMC Helps Valley Partnership Transform Perry Rehabilitation Center Valley Partnership Community Project 2014

CCMC is all about creating experiences that connect people. So when Valley Partnership announced its 2014 Community Project would be a one-day makeover of the community grounds at the Perry Rehabilitation Center of Arizona Foundation for the Handicapped, several members of Team CCMC showed up to make a difference. You see, AZAFH is dedicated to providing opportunities for beneficial work, increasing self-dependence, and encouraging community participation of the people in its care. And improved community space would become the backdrop for building stronger connections among residents. What better way to spend the day! CLICK HERE to watch the transformation.

Impromptu Food Drive Makes BIG Impact In Maricopa, ArizonaTortosa Food Drive

Two tubs of canned goods were sitting in the CCMC community management office at Tortosa, Arizona. Community manager Chris Hashisaki, asked her lifestyle director, Ellen Buddington, if she would deliver it to the local food bank. That’s when Ellen, along with administrative assistant Taryn Garrod, got the BIG idea: why not use the community’s social media to host an impromptu food drive? It would be the perfect opportunity to test out Ellen’s brand new F150 extended cab pickup! They set a date for the following Wednesday and went about promoting it to the community. The Facebook post on the Tortosa HOA  group page spread like wildfire. Residents of other area neighborhoods attested they “would give their right arm” to live in Tortosa and that “other community associations in Maricopa could take a lesson from Tortosa.” The feedback was incredible! On the day of the event, through the pouring rain, the team collected 536 pounds of food in less than four hours. Mission accomplished. To check out the video, CLICK HERE.

CCMC Helps Arizona Foster KidsAACM Donation Drive 006

There are currently more than 15,000 Arizona children in foster care. CCMC recently had the rare opportunity to partner with our Arizona communities to help a few of these kids. Working in partnership with Opportunity, Community & Justice for Kids (OCJ Kids), team members and residents collected items to make Welcome Kits for children moving into new foster homes – often with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. These kits include a variety of toiletries and hygiene supplies. Throughout the month of July, we were able to collect:

  • 300 toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste
  • 50 sets of razors and shaving cream
  • 65 containers of lotion and deodorant
  • 80 containers of body wash and bars of soap
  • 30 bottles of conditioner
  • 70 bottles of shampoo
  • 140 pairs of socks
  • Almost 500 trial size items
  • Several miscellaneous items such as combs, brushes, lip balm, sunblock, stuffed animals, assorted pajamas and shoes

In total, 11 tubs filled with more than 1,100 items were donated to OCJ Kids from CCMC and its communities at the AACM Trade Show on July 25. “CCMC truly does believe that no matter where someone lives, they deserve to live in a place that feels like home,” said Western Division President Delores Ferguson. “If providing items like stuffed animals, socks, shampoo and soap help a child feel more settled and comfortable in their current situation, then we are honored to play a small part in helping that child feel at home.”

Team CCMC Supports Ks for KidsNeal Nassano

On a recent tour of the Child Crisis Nursery in Phoenix, some CCMC team members learned about the amazing program that serves young children in need of a home. Crisis Nursery not only provides emergency shelter to these children but also an educational program for pre-school aged children. To show our support, several CCMC employees and their families showed up to the Ks for Kids fundraiser on April 6. “It was impressive to see how many people gave up their Saturday to bond with their co-works, while supporting this important cause,” says division president Delores Ferguson. In fact, one of CCMC’s own, Neal Nassano from Vistancia, Arizona earned a bronze medal. What’s more impressive is that his “wingman” was his 3 year-old son, who acted as navigator from his jogging stroller.

Casey and Eric winners

CCMC Community Hosts Baehr Challenge

Once again, the CCMC team at Aviano, Arizona hosted the Baehr Challenge, an annual obstacle course race that raises awareness and money for the fight against Parkinson’s disease. Over 45 CCMC employees and their families participated in this event. Two of whom took on – and WON! – the competitive portion. Congratulations to Casey White from Vistancia, Arizona and Eric Holmgren of Estrella, Arizona. The event was a reminder that we can all step forward and make a difference.

North Texas Food Bank Gets Organized!

The shelves at the North Texas Food Bank needed help. Donations were coming in, but there were no hands-on-deck to stock and organize them. So, five CCMC employees recently joined their colleagues at the DFW chapter of CAI to make quick work of the big job. The volunteers rolled up their sleeves and got busy sorting and stacking. Less than two hours later, 22.5 tons of food had been organized! Now, that’s the power of community!

(l to r) Judy Dreis, Lisa Sanders, Jessica Hughes, Jamie Chamberlain and Dodie Slama
(l to r) Judy Dreis, Lisa Sanders, Jessica Hughes, Jamie Chamberlain and Dodie Slama

Highland Shores Haunting Helps Kids In Need

Highland Shores Check Presentation 2013The Highland Shores Board of Directors recently presented a check to the Denton County Children’s Advocacy Center for $2,100. The Advocacy Center works with children who have been abused and/or who have witnessed violent crimes. Its mission is to provide these tiny victims with the necessary support, therapy and love they need to be strong for throughout their legal proceedings and into their adulthood. The donated funds were raised during the annual Highland Shores Haunted Trail Event in Highland Village, Texas. Held every October, this spooky event is geared towards kids of all ages. Local student are “on stage” acting out their ghoulish parts and scaring all who dare enter the Trail. Those who do enter are excited to be scared silly as they venture out along the Trail.  “It’s an event that takes a great deal of time and hard work to pull together,” explains CCMC lifestyle director Robin Johnson. “But it’s very rewarding to know the funds raised will benefit an organization whose main objective to help deserving kids.”

West Texas Explosion Inspires Everyday Heroes at HeartlandPicture1.compress

On April 17, an explosion at a Texas fertilizer plant killed 14 people and injured more than 200. Over 150 buildings were damaged or destroyed. Property losses are expected to exceed $100 million. Hundreds of families will never be the same.When Cassie Fitzgerald heard the tragic news, she was anxious to lend a hand. She contacted Dodie Slama, her CCMC community manager at Heartland with a simple idea: make and deliver care packages to those in need. The community was notified and donations began to pour into the Heartland Community Office. The volume was so great, that Cassie had to make two separate deliveries!Cassie was one neighbor who inspired others to make a difference. Heartland was one community coming together to help another. The result? Countless everyday heroes.

Frisco Lakes Veterans Day Event Raises Funds for USO

From left: David Maxfield, Don Haggard, Aneisa Watson, Sharon Gunrud and Ruth Stoneking.

Veterans Day is a BIG deal in Frisco Lakes, Texas. So big, that more than 100 people attended this year’s annual celebration, which included a golf tournament, barbecue and guest speakers. The event raised $2,650 for the USO of Dallas/Fort Worth and $500 for Defenders of Freedom, a nonprofit organization devoted to sending support boxes to deployed personnel, wounded soldiers and their families. “These groups all do a great job supporting military personnel and veterans. It was an honor for us to help serve as a fundraiser for them and help their initiatives,” explains one member of the Frisco Lakes veterans group, Dick Abernethy. CCMC salutes the Frisco Lakes veterans group and their efforts to support US troops and veterans!

   Water Drive Helps Homeless Vets

Trailer 14 at the VA Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona   headquarters a program for homeless vets. Here, forgotten heroes can find health care and a sip of water on a hot summer day. But recently, water supplies were low. So CCMC partnered with other members of Home Builders Association of Central Arizona to provide drinking water for homeless veterans. In fact, more than $11,000 was raised during the Home Builders Care  June 2012 Water Drive. And with that much money, they decided to do something more. You see, Trailer 14 also provides valuable assistance to vets interested in re-entering the workforce. And there are many needs not met by federal programs like transportation to/from interviews, clothes and uniforms and all the tools that some jobs require. So, in addition to purchasing a large supply of water for homeless veterans, other funds were also allocated to provide bus tickets and clothing vouchers for veterans looking for jobs. CCMC was honored to participate in this very worthy cause. We would like to thank all United States Veterans for their service and sacrifice.

 Pancakes Anyone?

Las Vegas, NV – No question, this year’s Eggstravaganza event at Mountain’s Edge was bigger and better than ever. In fact, more than 3,000 people attended. There were treat bags, carnival games, pancake eating contests, photos with the Easter Bunny, and – of course – thousands of EGGS! The best part of the day? Raising more than $1,200 for the community’s Neighbors Helping Neighbors program. This signature program was born 2 years ago to help neighbors in extreme need. “It’s pretty simple,” explains CCMC community manager Vicky Parris, “Throughout the year, donations are collected at every community event. At the end of the year, residents can nominate another Mountain’s Edge family in need. All the nominations are reviewed and beneficiaries are selected. The families are then sent a check, just in time for the holidays.” To date, they have raised and donated more than $5,000.

So, how did they raise all that cash? Well, everyone who attended the Eggstravaganza was invited to enjoy a pancake breakfast. Although the breakfast was free, the community did ask for a $3 donation per meal, with all proceeds going to support the program. “I was so impressed with the generous donations we received,” explains CCMC lifestyle director Katie Tamanini, “This was a fantastic way to kick off this year’s giving campaign.”

The CCMC team at Mountain’s Edge knew there was so much need in their community. They also knew they were in a position to make a difference. A CCMC difference!

Heartland Park Built By The Power of Community

The power of community. It can break down walls, build bridges, and move mountains.  And last Saturday in Heartland, Texas — it did. That’s when 42 community volunteers came together to turn a neighborhood dream into reality. To turn a four-acre undeveloped site into a place of leisure, relaxation, recreation and family fun. And to build a community park. According to CCMC community manager Theresa Ostrander, the Heartland Park Build was actually a community recycling project. “Three years ago a beautiful park was constructed at the center of our model home center. Now, our builders are moving their models to new locations. One of those builders, History Maker, contacted me to see if we would like to re-use the park materials and amenities elsewhere. Of course, I agreed,” she says. Over a year ago, a pad site for a new community park was poured in another location, but the park had yet to be constructed. Why not use the recycled materials to complete it? The developer also contributed an extra basketball hoop; while Coats Rose, a local MUD attorney, agreed to sponsor the picnic table, barbeque, park bench and two trash containers. Working closely with Hillwood Development Company, LLC; the CCMC team at Heartland met several times to complete the layout and spec out the materials and labor needed to construct the new park. A campaign was organized to recruit enough community volunteers and work groups were formed. The groups would be supervised by professional staff, the developers certified landscape architect, and History Makers’ building superintendant. The community’s landscape company, Valley Crest Landscape Maintenance, then cleared the site. This two-day project was completed at no cost to the association. Then, on March 3, 2012, 42 Heartland volunteers grabbed their work gloves to build their park. Neighbors now have a place to shoot hoops, enjoy a family picnic, or simply sit in warm rays of the sun in Heartland, Texas. Now, this feels like home.

CCMC Blood Drive Draws A Crowd!

Give blood. Save lives. It’s really pretty simple. That’s why the employees at the CCMC corporate office in Scottsdale, Arizona partnered with United Blood Services to host a blood drive on January 13, 2012. Participants chose any time slot between 9.00 am- 1.30 pm. By the end of the day, 21 employees had donated blood (1 pint each) and 5 had donated “Power Red” – 2 pints of Double Red Cell pheresis (typically used in surgery or trama cases). That’s a total of 26 donors and 31 pints! Thanks to all our CCMC heroes who shared their time — and shed their blood — for this important cause!


 Siena Residents Show Holiday HEART

To the residents of Siena – near Las Vegas, Nevada – the holidays are a time for giving. This year was no exception. Over the past two weeks, neighbors have been collecting toys and food for those in need. Thousands of items were received – that’s right, THOUSANDS! In total, 2,385 nonperishable food items were donated to the Salvation Army; along with 18 huge bags of toys and $1,269 for Toys for Tots. Now, that is what the holidays are all about!

Haunted Trails Helps New Horizons

October 29, 2011. Highland Shores, Texas. The spooks came out to haunt the neighborhood trails for one ghoulish evening! The Haunted Trials event at Highland Shores was the brainchild of one skilled CCMC lifestyle director and about 50 talented teens. Featuring a walking trail filled with frightening
vignettes, the event attracted hundreds of brave souls – and raised more than $1,500 for the New Horizons home for severely abused children. To learn more about this important charity, click here.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

On Saturday, October 29 Tempe, Arizona was flooded in a sea of pink – all to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. Each year, CCMC organizes the “Caring Communities Meeting Challenges” team to particpate in the Phoenix-area Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. This year, the team raised $1,222 for the cause. The event drew 11,000 participants, who raised a total of $700,000 to increase awareness and fight the disease. Our team name says it all, CCMC is all about Caring Communities Meeting Challenges. To find a walk in your area, visit

Habitat for Humanity

CCMC knows what it means to have a place to call “home”. That is why we support Habitat for Humanity. In Las Vegas, CCMC team members and residents of Mountain’s Edge donate two days a year to host “Build Days” for Habitat for Humanity LV, helping to build single family homes for a working family in need. Working alongside family members, the team cleaned the interior, installed insulation and flashed the foundation. In Scottsdale, the Terravita community hosts an annual “Taste of Terravita” culinary event. Proceeds are donated to Habitat for Humanity Desert Foothills.

Relay for Life

Twenty four hours can change a life. That is the idea behind the American Cancer Society’s signature event Relay for Life, an event held at locations across the globe to celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer, bringing awareness and hope to all who participate. CCMC communities proudly act as host sites for Relay, where teams of people take turns walking or running. No one walks alone, and because cancer never sleeps, Relays are overnight events lasting up to 24 hours. This year, the Victoria Park Relay in Deland, FL raised $40,000. Relay events in Celebration, FL have raised up to $155,000. Next year will mark Celebration’s tenth anniversary as a Relay host.

Pillows for Patriots

A small luxury. A big “thank you”. That’s the idea behind Pillows for Patriots, an organization that recruits volunteers to cut, sew and stuff neck pillows for troops traveling to and from war zones in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq. Our Pillows for Patriots group in Frisco Lakes currently has nearly 30 resident members. Together, they create nearly 200 neck pillows each month, which are later distributed by the USO at DFW airport. Since November 2009, 4,377 pillows have been “deployed” from Frisco Lakes.


Literacy programs, supply drives, scholarship programs and PTO partnerships. CCMC understands the power of education. In fact, many of our team members and community residents dedicate their time and talents to helping students succeed. Take for example, Mark Silverman a resident at Anthem Ranch, Colorado. Through his involvement with the Jewish Coalition for Literacy, he has helped trained nearly a dozen volunteer tutors to provide reading assistance in local schools. Each year, CCMC team members at Providence in Las Vegas, Nevada celebrate  Read Across America by volunteering their time to help bring books to life in area classrooms. In Celebration, Florida team members and residents partnered to STUFF THE BUS with enough school supplies for 200 kids! And every year, the SouthWood Community Association in Tallahassee, Florida college scholarships – valued at up to $1,000 – to deserving students for their academic achievement, personal character and community service.

Holiday Toy Drives

Family and Fun. CCMC believes in both. That is why many of our employees and residents organize holiday toy drives to benefit local kids in need. Over the years, our toy drives have helped thousands of families rediscover the magic of the season – if only for a moment. Nationally, our partners for these projects include Childhelp Advocacy CenterToys for TotsSave the FamilyBoys & Girls Clubs and Vista del Camino.