CCMC Community Partner Northwest Landscaping Receives Marana Branding Iron Award

Based on a nomination from the teams at Gladden Farms and Saguaro Bloom, Northwest Landscaping has been named the recipient of the Marana Branding Iron Award.

Each year, the town council of Marana in southern Arizona awards to Branding Iron Awards, one to an individual who has made a significant impact on the community and the other to a business who exemplifies community partnership. We’re proud to see Northwest receive this award for their commitment to serving communities we manage.

“We chose to nominate Northwest Landscaping based on their partnership with Gladden Farms and Saguaro Bloom and their impact on the daily lives of our residents,” said vice president Nick Ferre. “This goes far beyond landscape maintenance. This is everything from Jerry, our irrigation technician, carrying dog treats in his pocket and speaking with every resident walking a dog to Glenn, the owner of the company, who is at nearly every lifestyle event throughout the year, assisting the CCMC team and genuinely becoming part of the community.”

CCMC will be represented as Northwest receives this community award during the Marana State of the Town Address on April 19. We congratulate the Northwest team on this accomplishment and thank them for embodying what it means to be a community partner.