Extraordinary Egg Hunts!

0801 Adult Easter 2014-04-11 (2)Super Bunny? Egg Dying? Night Hunts? Adult Fun? These are just a few of the thing that can happen when you take one longstanding tradition and add a few unexpected new twists! Regardless of spin, the results  are pure magic! That’s the idea behind some of the extraordinary egg hunts  created and hosted by our CCMC teams across the country. For example, who ever heard of an egg hunt for adults? Well, the adult residents of Heritage Todd Creek, CO and Anthem Highlands, CO are always looking for a good time with friends and neighbors. That is  why both communities host annual egg hunts just for grown-ups! Some eggs  contain traditional treats, but others are worth cold, hard CASH.  Values range from $5-$100. Oh my! Chocolate bunnies for everyone!!! Or how about the folks at Mountain’s Edge, NV, where residents are invited to actually dye their eggs in the community park. Let’s hear it for mess-free egg dying! Later, the same community invites neighborhood teens out to enjoy some spring fun of their own at the Teen Flashlight Egg Hunt where they searched for 7,000 eggs after dark. Click below to check out the videos from more extraordinary CCMC egg hunts! Belterra, TX, Tortosa, AZ, BackCountry, CO, Daybreak, UT and Power Ranch, AZ.