Are You Seeking an Engaging Workplace Home?

D. J. Cole 2
D. J. Cole

by D. J. Cole, Chief Executive Officer

Employee engagement is a hot topic among job seekers today. At CCMC, this topic has become a top priority. In fact, half of our 2016 goals were established in order to achieve a higher level of engagement among our team members. So what exactly is employee engagement and why does it matter so much?

As defined by Forbes Contributor Kevin Kruse, employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to the organization and its vision, mission, purpose and goals. At CCMC, we believe that this type of commitment is critical in order to provide an exceptional workplace experience. That is why we hire for passion and leadership and aim to drive meaning and purpose throughout our company. We understand that, fundamentally, engagement will turn CCMC into a magnet for the best people in the business in our open talent economy. In the words of Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, we want to become “simply irresistible” to our current and future talent. We understand that engaged leaders build empowered teams who will not hesitate to do the right thing for each other and our customers.

Most polls indicate that only 32% of employees are truly engaged at work. When the leadership team is highly engaged, the company’s managers are 39% more likely to be engaged. When managers are highly engaged, employee engagement increases by 59%. So we’ve asked our team members what they can do to become more engaged at work and challenged our managers to find new ways to increase the engagement level of their teams. Are they investing their time in the development of others so they can grow their careers? Are they fostering close-knit relationships among staff members? Are they creating office experiences that connect people? Are they looking for ways to nurture emotional bonds between our company and our team members? Are they building a caring workplace?

At CCMC, we are keenly aware that people leave managers more often than they leave companies. That is why employee engagement at all levels is one of our top priorities. It is also why we seek to hire and develop leaders who can build trust and inspire innovation in people, rather than administrators who simply manage systems and structure. We are convinced that engaging employees is a better way to do business. This is why we have woven employee engagement through our mission, our purpose and our goals. Our goal is to see it spread both vertically and horizontally through our organization and to become the absolute best place to work. We hope you will join us.