CCMC Unveils New Brand

For years, clients have been telling us we’re better than we look on paper. Once they partner with CCMC, they realize that we do things a little different. Somehow, we manage to take care of business while taking care of people, and they like that. We thought it was about time our brand image told the same story.

It took nearly a year, but finally the new brand image is ready to unveil. You’re looking at it when you peruse this website. Through a process of interviews and discussions, we discovered the heart of what we do, learned how to put it into words, then images.

We were already living the brand, it was just a matter of finding a way to bring our brand promise up to date with the experiences we deliver to homeowners, board members and the people we serve. Our new tagline, “Now this feels like home” really says what we are all about.

Watch for more communications carrying the new CCMC brand including online newsletters, videos, and more. This is an important shift for our company, and one that will carry us well into our future.