CCMC to Provide Pre-Development Consulting Services to Pinal Land Holdings LLC

Pinal Land Holdings LLCCCMC has recently entered into an agreement with Pinal Land Holdings LLC to provide pre-development consulting services for a significant new project in Coolidge, Arizona. “With an agricultural heritage, this 11,400-acre property was purchased from the City of Mesa and represents one of the largest land deals in the municipality’s recent history,” explains western division president Delores Ferguson. “Comprised of 86 parcels, this venture signifies a positive shift in the local real estate market.”

Ultimately, this development will include six different areas including residential, commercial, and industrial associations. The industrial corridor will be developed first. Once development is complete, it will vastly expand the Phoenix metropolitan area, spur industrial growth, create new jobs, and become the catalyst for bringing Phoenix and Tucson closer together. Long-range transportation plans include a freeway from Mesa’s Gateway area through central Pinal County, and a commuter rail line between Phoenix and Tucson. Proceeds from the sale will be funneled into an economic development fund established by the City of Mesa to pay for its new spring training facility for the Chicago Cubs. CLICK HERE to read more.

Pinal Land Holdings LLC is a real estate investment company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and formed solely for the purpose of this land holding. The partners have a rich history of investment, development and business throughout the world with a local focus on Arizona and the Southwest USA. Affiliated companies include, and are involved in, long-term land investments, land planning, multi-family, office, industrial, single-family residential, and an agricultural management company.