Power Ranch Awards Five-Year Contract to CCMC

Nearly two decades ago, CCMC began its relationship with Sunbelt Holdings at Power Ranch in Gilbert, Arizona. Since then, a thriving community has grown where a single construction trailer and a handful of family farmhouses once stood. “For the past four years, I have worked directly with the members of our CCMC team,” explains Power Ranch Community Association Board President Matt Dominy. “Their 19-year history with our community and their personal connectivity to our members is invaluable. Over the years they have continually acted with integrity, demonstrating a desire to do the right thing, at all times, for all our residents. That customer experience has been a constant, regardless of which specific team member we were working with. This continued standard of service is the reason we have requested and signed an unprecedented five-year agreement with CCMC. This was the Board’s way of assuring our continued partnership and enduring sense of community for Power Ranch.”

CCMC has managed Power Ranch since inception and has nurtured the community as it has grown from zero to 5,106 households. Years ago, in preparation for the inevitable transition, Sunbelt Holdings partnered with CCMC to form the Power Ranch Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC). The NAC proved so beneficial that it is now a standard step towards transition in all CCMC-managed communities. In 2009, the community transitioned to homeowner control. Since then, CCMC has continued to partner with the Board to maintain the appeal and preserve the history of Power Ranch. Together, we have completed more than $2,000,000 in new, improved and re-purposed amenity projects that align with the long-term vision of the community membership and outlined within the current Board’s strategic plan. This has created a neighborhood where residents know their neighbors and seek daily engagement for the purpose of creating the intangible asset we call “community.”  These projects include the installation of solar ramadas and shade structures over all the play equipment, the enlargement of the splash pad, the construction of two new bocce ball courts, the improvement of lighting, sound and audio visual systems in the Barn, plus the purchase and transformation of the former sales center into the Ranch and Carriage House tween center, event patio, staff offices, teaching kitchen, work out facilities and intimate event space.

“We could not be more proud of our work at Power Ranch,” explains CCMC division president Delores Ferguson. “We are extremely grateful to work with its like-minded leaders and support their continued vision to preserve the spirit of family and community that sets Power Ranch apart.”