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Payment Options

Paying your homeowner assessment online saves time and money and makes your life easier. Select your state or community association below and follow the prompts. We accept electronic checks and credit card payments.

Please note: Phone payments are not accepted.

Pacific Western Bank FAQs (Not applicable to Golden Oak, Heritage Todd Creek, Leyden Rock, Powhaton, and Sterling Ranch)
How to make a one time payment on Pacific Western Bank

Direct Debit (ACH Withdrawal)
Using direct debit, your assessment payment will automatically be drafted from your bank account the month in which your payment is due. Please note, withdrawals occur on the 6th of the month (next business day if the 6th falls on a weekend or holiday). To enroll in direct debit, please visit your residential web portal, log in, and select the E-Pay option to begin registration.

Pay Online
Please use the links below to find the correct payment website for your community. If you encounter issues, please try our troubleshooting tips before contacting your site office or Pacific Western Bank.

Arizona Communities Payment Link

Colorado (Heritage Todd Creek, Leyden Rock, and Powhaton Road Metro): Payment Link

All other Colorado Communities: Payment Link

Florida: Golden Oak (credit card payment) | Golden Oak (eCheck payment)

All other Florida Communities: Payment Link

Nevada Communities Payment Link

New Mexico Communities Payment Link

North Carolina Communities Payment Link

South Carolina Communities Payment Link

Tennessee Communities Payment Link

Texas Communities Payment Link

Utah Communities Payment Link